If you're reading this you must have bought our product(s) or be really invested in them that you want information on how long it will take to get to yourself. Our target is to ensure that all customers have an effortless and exciting experience browsing through our collections. We understand a customers needs and wants, including them sleepless nights after you have ordered a product, waiting for it to arrive at your front door. We have included all our policies on our website, including the Shipping Policy, and it would be good for you to put time aside to understand the policy. 

After Ordering

After ordering a product from our website, a confirmation email will be sent to the one you provided when buying the product. That email will include all the necessary information, such as what you ordered, the price you payed, estimated delivery time, and a tracking number to watch your product arrive to you. 

Time to Process the Package

We are extremely grateful that you chose to buy the products on our website and after checking out, we would need 2-5 days to process the package for it to be shipped out to you, in which then we aim for it to be with you between 8-15 business days, depending on the country being shipping to. A tracking number would be provided for you to keep an eye on your package and see what stage of delivery it is at. Please take a look at our time frames for shipping for certain countries in particular:

  • UK: 7-12 days
  • US/Canada: 9-15 days

For other countries, please message and we will get back to you regarding a time frame.

Possible Damage due to Courier Service

We only rely on the best couriers to handle our important tasks of safely bringing your product to your home. But it is not impossible that the best courier may accidentally cause some damage to the product. God forbid, but if that is the case when your product arrives, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us either through our Contact Us tab on our website or our email stepsahead01@gmail.com, where a member of our team will reach out to you. Please include pictures of the damage in your email. 

For any more questions regarding shipping and delivery, please get in touch with us, or use our Contact Us tab on our website.